Thinking of my dad on his birthday and a pregnancy flashback

Posted By on January 24, 2017

Having just returned from my mother-in-law’s funeral in western New York has me thinking of my late mother and now on January 24th … particularly my father. Today would have DadC_Christmas1985been his 88th birthday if he were still alive … although I’m not so sure many of us want all that many more years as our bodies and minds start to fail in ways that make living difficult … not only for one-self, but for those taking care of you.

Thankfully I remember my parents and my in-laws with fondness and in good health. We had a lot of great years with them when “we” were little … and all over again when brought home grandchildren. That is one thing every grandparent (and those of us anticipating being a grandparent) have in common …  the excitement and happiness of being grandparents.

Brenda and I were smiling last night as we shared how we are looking forward to watching animated children’s movies (Brenda dislikes most animated movies … but that won’t matter) or sitting and reading books to our little “BabyGirl” Oostra. My own memories of Katelyn running over and begging me to read her “another” book are among the fondest memories I have in my role as “dad” … and I “hope” it will be the same as a grand-dad!

Brenda/Rich 2 months before Katelyn in 1986
… exactly where Katelyn and Drew are at today.

Brenda Rich BabyKatelyn1986 KatelynDrewPregnant161224
Brenda/Rich Spring of 1986 & Katelyn/Drew with 3 month to go


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