Archiving a couple Encore aft deck photos for future updates

Posted By on February 7, 2017


It is hard to remember exactly where each rail, cleat and fitting is on the aft deck of Encore, so this post is to archive a couple photos as a way to remember. It probalby won’t help much as it is still hare to tell where there is space and where there is not. In the back of my mind, I’m still planning for davits, grill, generator, new solar panels and possibly deck storage? Of highest priority is a place to store our Zodiac rolled up with out hauling it below. The new generator cage is ready to be mounted but I not quite ready to drill holes in the deck with out a "master plan." I still would like a davit system or arch?

EncoreAftStar170202  EncoreSternTube170202 EncoreAftPort170202

Tried seaming two photos without much luck


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