Nicki Bluhm and an appropriate song for our political state

Posted By on February 8, 2017

Nicki Bluhm continues her image as someone who fit better in the 1960s and 70s (a time before she was born), than someone rising in popularity nowadays. I’ve enjoyed her music, and Van Sessions with The Gramblers, from the beginning and continue to appreciate her talent … and love the sound. This new folk music from California is appealing for its healing message and tailored to those upset with how the election turned out. Protests are fine, but riots and hate are not; I think our country is big enough for all peaceful points of view — in fact, it makes us stronger. I may not agree with the progressive political philosophy espoused by Nicki Bluhm (and likely most of her fans), but "after all, I’m just human like you."

  Remember Love Wins | Nicki Bluhm – 2017

According to her Facebook post last week (and text on her published YouTube video above), she wrote "Remember Love Wins" as a modern day "Kumbaya" after seeing what was happening in our country.

"There had been protests all weekend at airports across the country as people were being shut out of a country they know and love. Among all the despair and sorrow we were all feeling, that night at Terrapin felt like a big hug both backstage as we discussed the goings on and also in the Grate Room where we came together as band and audience to experience what we needed most that night….the healing sounds of music. I was touched and even brought to tears by the sounds and sights that occurred that night. There we all were, in that room, together, supporting each other and finding refuge from the craziness happening in our country. It was then I realized that focusing on the solution instead of the problem and approaching it with love and compassion felt a lot better and more human than being angry and spiteful." Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?

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