For inexpensive whole house wireless try a WiFi Range Extender

Posted By on February 24, 2017

NetgearExtender170217Previous efforts at using older wireless access points and routers have all been a disappointment when extending WiFi out to our detached garage/poolhouse/workshop, so when Amazon had an AC750 Netgear WiFi Range Extender (Model EX3700) on a "Prime Daily Deals" sale, I was skeptical. Still frustrated with the lack of a good Internet connection further from router, I ordered it anyway. Of course the lowest price model did not support the 5Hz frequency so I was teased into spending $5 more (stills seemed like a worthwhile upgrade?) in order to add the newer and faster 5GHz 801.11 a/n/ac band to the standard 2.4GHz 801.11 b/g/n.

Set up could not have been much easier as NetGear has definitely simplified the process AND so far it seems rock solid. After going through the initial setup powered on next to my Nighthawk Router, it took no more than 5 or 6 clicks to connect and update the firmware before moving out to the 110v outlet located up high next to the overhead garage door opener.  A quick connection check and full strength signal in every area, I was happily wasting time sitting in my back corner next to the woodstove!

DSLReportFromGarage170217 vs DSLReportFromOffice170217
New Garage RangeExtender speeds (left) vs OfficeRouter speeds (right)



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