Patriots outplayed the Falcons to win Superbowl 51

Posted By on February 5, 2017

The Atlanta Falcons as a team deserve some credit in playing Superbowl LI impressively for three full quarters, until they didn’t in the 4th quarter.  The New England Patriots basically slept during the first part of the game and came to life in the 4th quarter. In cardiac arrest inducing fashion, New England mounted the most impressive Superbowl comebacks in history.  They came back from a 3 score deficit and tied the game in the final 2 minutes with a necessary 2-point play. A game had Tom Brady with head down at the half (below), had everyone chewing their nails as Superbowl 51 went into overtime for the first time in history.

Sudden death OT saw NE with both the momentum and the ball … that would be all that was needed to win the game.

Final score: NE Patriots 34 – Atlanta Falcons 28

Quarterback and 2017 MVP Matt Ryan demostrated why the Falcons had the #1 offense all season long, while the defense stepped up and shutdown Tom Brady most of the game and  added points to the board as well. Brady demonstrated why he is without much doubt, footballs all-time greatest quarterback with 5 Superbowl wins. All in all it was an exciting game for millions of viewers.

As with all memorable Superbowls, the commercials were also must watch items as was a very impressive halftime performance by Lady Gaga and sponsors Pepsi and Intel. Her aerial  atheltisism and high energy dance moves were as impressive as the programmed drones and lighting. Well done to all for keeping politics out of it.


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