TechFriday: A simple thing – Google Calendar Scroll Disabler

Posted By on April 7, 2017


At one time or the other, pullhair_aniwe have all started to pull our hair out while on the computer and  said, “this is ridiculous, why doesn’t someone fix this!”

Well after literally years of waiting for Google to do something about the “sensitive scroll feature” (or curse) when moving through the months in Google Calendar, I had had enough. It happened one too many times where I scheduled an appointment in the wrong month because the calendar jumps due to the sensitivity of the touch device (pad or mouse). So after complaining for years and expecting a “fix” from Google, I realized I was not alone and others had devised a fix. Ivan Morgillo made a simple extension and it solved the problem — disable the “annoying month change on scroll” … I just hope it doesn’t bloat and cause other problems!

To date, 3,468 users have given this extension a try … and several have left appreciative comments:

Thank goodness! This restored my sanity. Using a Magic Mouse with Google Calendars was annoying, until now.

Thank you SOOO much! I use Google Chrome’s calendar with a magic mouse and the erratic jumping around has been driving me crazy for ages. This fixed the problem in seconds. I really appreciate someone doing something about this frustrating problem!

Thank you ! I use Google Chrome’s calendar with a mac track pad and the erratic jumping around has been driving me crazy since day one! This extension fixed it immediately. I added it to chrome, refreshed my calendar and voila! Its amazing how something so simple can cause so much frustration and how simply fixing it can make my work day so much easier.

EDIT for 2020: After receiving both an email and comment, it was time to revisit the scrolling issue for the Google Calendar since switching from Chrome to Brave (a Chrome-based browser). Hopefully this Google Calendar Scroll Disabler extension will continue to work — updating the link and confirming all is still working with Brave on the Mac with an Apple Magic Mouse and the Google Calendar (to date over 10,000+ users are using it, so come on Google, update/fix your calendar for Mac users).


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