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Posted By on May 21, 2017

For those of you who are regular visitors to MyDesultoryBlog and are not running an ad blocker plugin on your browser, you may have noticed a small snippet of new  ad content in the sidebar. Last month, GoogleAdsense offered an upgrade to this blog’s minimal advertising experiment. The new ad content promotes “matched” internal content from similar previous posts their algorithms pick … with 6000 to choose from, it would be interesting to know how “it” decides?
The new small ad box is not a “pay per click” unit like most online marketing linked ads, but is used as a way to keep a viewer on a site longer. The longer visitors read and view, the more “other” marketing attempts can be put in front of potential customers. According to their research, the “number of pages viewed increased by 9% on average” and the “time spent on site increased by 10%.” Obviously my personal journal style blog is not the ideal place for ads, but it is still surprising to review just how Google is building their marketing powerhouse.

If you are thinking about “matched content ads for your site and if it is right for your site, there are a few limitations:

Matched content is available for sites with multiple pages and high volumes of traffic. Have a look at the site management settings in your AdSense account to see if your site(s) is eligible to run Matched content. Make the most out of your Matched content units with these best practices:

  • Let Google help you find the right size by using responsive Matched content units.
  • Place your Matched content unit directly below the article and either above or below your ad unit
  • Consider using Matched content on long scrolling pages



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