Extra work that makes little sense – salt and pepper shakers

Posted By on June 28, 2017

Did you ever find yourself spending way too much time on something where it makes no logical sense? Well this is the case for a set SaltPepperHarvestTimeof my wife Brenda‘s salt and pepper shakers … of which she has many.

Her grandmother had a collection that was split between her grandchildren and daughter-in-law (Brenda’s mom), which eventually were handed down to daughters and grandchildren. The salt and pepper shakers have little monetary value, but sentimentally they are priceless.

Such is the case for two of the larger shakers that Brenda’s dad used until his death … so when we were replacing things in the new kitchen certain items had more value than others. The Harvest Time "tiny mug" shakers have screw on caps that were rusty and so trying to figure out what to do with them fell to me. Initially (photo) I wire brushed and chemically de-rusted them and then checked with Brenda. She now wants them repainted and sealed so now they will go back to the shop and roughed up for some leftover John Deere "green" paint and maybe a shot of clear lacquer, enamel or polyurethane to keep them from rusting again. As I mentioned in the subject line … "extra work that makes little sense."


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