Magnetic car mount works with iPhone7+ after case change

Posted By on July 18, 2017

Totallee_iphone7 carmount

Originally I opted for a protective iPhone7+ case, but soon realized moving from the iPhone5 with a protective (bulky) Otterbox case to the much larger iPhone AND a protective (bulky) Supcase Unicorn Beetle was a lot of phone to slip into ones pocket. The final complaint was that I couldn’t slip the metal plate between the phone and case like I did for the smaller phone in order to use the magnetic car mount — it just wouldn’t stay.

So a new start up company called Totallee markets a "super thin" case (really a scratch protector) with a soft touch thin leather backingTotalleePackaging. I liked the premium look and soft-ish feel rather than sticky rubber/plastic, so decided to give it a try. Besides the slower than usual shipping (spoiled by Amazon Prime), the new black iPhone7+ Totalleecase is very nice and came packaged as we’ve become accustom for a premium product. Love seeing new companies take pride in how their products are received … I only hope it will last for a couple years without the very thin leather peeling off (they claim a 2-year warranty).


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