Found a Camp Breckinridge boot camp poem – Korean War 1950s

Posted By on August 15, 2017

A couple of days ago I mentioned the passing of my father two short years ago. A day later my brother reminded me that it had been two years and sense it surprised him too. campbreckinridgesignThe thought of my dad had me move a pile of papers I’ve had in my office; we cleared them out of his house and just now noticed a couple misplaced / miscellaneous photos that DadC took prior to meeting my mom. Some of the photos were from his time in the U.S. Army which included the poem at the bottom of this post …  in my dad’s handwriting during the time he was at Camp Breckinridge KY … part of his basic training CB_Barracks1950before being deployed to the front in Korea (the current conversation we’re having in the U.S. is one I’m glad my dad does not have to revisit).

The Korean War did not bring back "warm and fuzzy" memories for my dad and although he rare ever talked about the war, he really did enjoy the "Honor Trip" to Washington DC and the Korean War Memorial with other aging vets. Obviously each had better insight to what war must have been like?

Shelby County Ohio Vets at the Korean War Memorial in May of 2010

Interesting to me was reading my dad’s handwriting and a poem back in 1950 as a young man … preparing to answer the nation’s calling. (thank you dad … and the many others who served) Obviously boot camp was not just another summer camp.


Tomorrow I’ll post a couple additional photos from the pile … a trip he took to Florida with a few buddies. The old racetrack at Daytona Beach made me realized just how much things have changed!


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