Thinking about my dad. Has it been two years?

Posted By on August 11, 2017

DadwBoys1966closerTomorrow will be two years since my dad passed away, where does the time go? 

His interest in cars was handed down to me and although we both approached it from different angles, we BOTH held a respect for how each enjoyed automobiles. I did not have had the same "spit and polish" love for "clean and shiny" like my dad, but enjoyed the mechanical side of keeping a car "running." Give me a can of Bondo, a body file and spray gun … and I am reasonably satisfied. Weld some new metal, rust treat and paint will Miracle paint … it passed my critique.
Dad on the other hand was happier with a bucket of suds, some whitewall tire cleaner, a few coats of wax and regular buffing cleaning his Packard or any of his cars … but we both enjoyed our cars. As I’ve said to Brenda many time, I really don’t have any regrets during our final years together. Dad and I had a great relationship right to the end … he was proud of me and I of him.

I came across the photo above from Easter in 1966 standing on the wall in front of our house on the lake. I can not imagine a more idyllic place to grow up … both my mom and dad gave me a perfect childhood. I will forever be appreciative for those early years. (while archiving the old photo, I’ll include one with my mom below)

Mom, Dad, Ron, Rich in Toledo (my Aunt’s house) and at our house on the lake.


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