The DVD movie Gifted was excellent, plus a Redbox tip

Posted By on August 10, 2017

giftedmovieWe are not big movie watchers and rarely go to the movie theater, but we did rent a very enjoyable movie on Sunday night … Redbox coupon triggered "movie night."  Anyway the child acting was excellent and story line enticing enough to spur debate. Brenda, the competition type, would have preferred to maximize education over childhood, while I was a bit more laidback preferring normalcy of having a childhood believing most children catch up to their potential and are better served having a balanced life. We both saw the value of each others thoughts and appreciated the quandary in making decisions for such a "Gifted" child. All in all, it was probably the best movie we have watched this year. Recommended.

Redbox Tip: If you are a Redbox movie renter and receive 2 for $2 coupons but only want to watch one movie … try this to save a buck. Put two DVD (not Blueray) movies in your cart, select one of the movies to upgrade to Blueray then remove from the cart. When you check out, a discount will still be applied to the single movie left in the cart.
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