Christmas decorating and closing the pool in the same weekend

Posted By on December 4, 2017


It is hard to believe, but I finally winterized the pool and in the same weekend brought home a Christmas tree, put the wreathes up and modified the lighting we use on the house in December. The first years we used 150 watt incandescent floods (also had halogens at some point), then I switched to compact florescent floods for the last decade which cut back the wattage and this year switched to some super bright LED floods that only draw 17 watts each (shockingly little).

LEDChristmasHouseFloodsOrinThe new LEDs fit the standard fixtures, but are priced high enough to make me wonder. In hopes of making them last, I’m adding an additional o-ring to the base in hope to keep the rain out. We’ll see?


On a side "techy" note, I put my Particle Photon to work with a high amperage 110 volt relay in order to control the lights for the detached garage/poolhouse. It works great using my iPhone as a controller with the Blynk app.



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