Music Monday: A new Bible & the impressive Amazon Echo Dot

Posted By on January 8, 2018

Our Amazon Echo Dot Christmas gift is the gift that keeps on giving now that I’m learning new “skills.” There isn’t anything earth-shattering it is currently doing, but the “easy” interface to Amazon’s cloud server for content and function may be limitless … at least looking into the future. It is an impressive device; perhaps other “voice assistance” gadgest are just as impressive?

Music playing is a core function of the Echo, but that would be too simple to mention in this post — but it does a fine job of finding and playing Amazon Prime Music (we are Prime connected). Frankly I still prefer Pandora and the Echo is well connected to my 50+ channels. Surprisingly, this Amazon device plays Pandora (free) without commercials just like Pianobar on the Raspberry Pi (nice), unlike my iPhone, iPad and computer. iHeartRadio works well too. Spotify … nope, not unless you subscribe to their premium service.

Back to today’s MusicMonday connection. One of the connected Alexa “skills” that my son-in-law sent me happens to be a bible study podcast that I enjoy call Truth for Life by Alistair Begg (he was our pastor at Parkside Church when we lived in Hudson, Ohio). It is excellent for those quiet times reflecting and studying the word of God. I tried it out on Sunday and enjoyed following along in another of my new gifts, the Alistair Begg edition of Spurgeon Study Bible (thank you Katelyn, Drew and Annalyn).

Alistair, who has the obvious accent from growing up across the pond, closed Sunday’s podcast with a reference to The Beatles and their title song from their album Help!

How apropos for Music Monday.

  The BeatlesHelp! | Recorded live in 1965


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