Trash collectors have a tough job in more ways than one

Posted By on February 6, 2018

IMG_0626sThere is good money in collecting garbage, but I don’t see many high school guidance departments "guiding" students into choosing it as a career aspiration. Perhaps owning or managing the company isn’t too bad, but the hours and pitfalls facing those doing the grunt work isn’t all that appealing.

Monday morning our trash collector cut the bend in front of our house too tight as he was backing down our street. "In the dark" hit one our home owner association’s lamp posts. This is the second one in so many years. Hopefully this one will be a easier fix than last as this particular post is no longer made — matching is difficult. I called Rumpke, our trash company and took a few  photos for documentation. The customer service rep, Sarah, said "an investigator" will be out to look?

The incident reminds me of one by a FedEx driver a few years agoLINK



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