Archiving a famous portrait (cough, cough) and #TBT photo

Posted By on March 1, 2018

I’m chuckling at the “famous portrait” subject line, but then again, how many people actually have a portrait of themselves painted by an artist?RichC_RBluhm_Portrait_Paint (might as well make this a ThrowBack Thursday #TBT post)

My grandmother, Ruth Walker Bluhm, was an artist and painted a portrait of her first grandson in the 1960s. She was in my estimation very talented and I’m pleased to have several of her oil painting displayed in our house. My wife Brenda enjoys them too and we now have a pretty nice collection of art, several which our hers. I’ve mentioned a couple of them previously (1, 2, 3), but this one is the most personal and likely only appreciated by a couple people.

Our granddaughter Annalyn will be ONE year old in March and my daughter Katelyn asked each of us to bring a photo “as close to 1 year old” as we could. The joke bantered back forth by the grandmothers was that photos were very rare “when you are the third child.” I of course smiled having been the oldest and having a few extra photos to pick from … or should I say, “having my brother pick from” since he has the photo albums!


Here’s the photo I’ll be sharing with Annalyn at her birthday party.



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