Internet Speeds continue to rise – 100 then 300 now 500 Mbps

Posted By on March 14, 2018

After switching from TWC/Spectrum one year ago, Cincinnati Bell’s Fioptics (Fiber) delivered television video and Internet to our house as been CincibellSpeedsFiber180313excellent. Their Internet speed continues to rise (currently checking with DSLReports/speedtest).

Last year I was happy to have my speed increase to 100Mbps down when switching to CincinnatiBell, but then after losing promotional perks was disappointed to have my bill rise by 35%. After complaining and several calls, my account was mildly adjusted (still 25% higher than the 2017 promo) and a promo tweak boosting Internet speed from 100Mbps to 300Mbps. Unfortunately we’re hitting a speed where "tripling" doesn’t make much of a noticeable different.

This week a promotion arrived offering to increase speeds from 300Mbps to 500Mbps … just as my computer, router, network and MIND are slowing down.
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