The Assad Regime uses a chemical barrel bomb once again

Posted By on April 8, 2018


Seeing images of the children in Douma, a town near Damascus Syria dead or struggling to breath not only makes me sick to my stomach, but inflames my anger with a maddening desire for vengeance against the Assad regime. He and his supporters continue the brutal dictatorship against the Syrian people, this time using a chemical weapon dropped from a helicopter that has killed at least 42 — at least 500 are injured and suffering, according to news reports.

Last year the Assad government forces used Sarin gas that killed nearly 100 people, triggering a cruise missile strike from President Trump against the airfield where the strike came. Obviously a deterrent, but obviously not painful enough to prevent the government from using chemical weapons again. If unanswered strongly enough, one can only assume Assad will order more.

Once again we find ourselves policing the world in an attempt to prevent mass genocide where dictators are willing to kill women and children, strike hospitals and the elderly in a brutal attempt to maintain control and stay in power. What is doubly sad is that Assad is not alone, but supported by both the Iranians and Russians. Where is their humanity?

What is it going to take for the world to unite against such atrocities?


Poisonous gas was unleashed from a barrel bomb dropped by a government helicopter, according to the White Helmets, a Syrian paramedic group. Victims showed symptoms of poisoning by chlorine and nerve agents, doctors said.

Mr. Trump, on Twitter, condemned Sunday what he called a “mindless CHEMICAL attack,” adding: “President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price… …to pay.”



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