Archive: Project idea to replace rusting in-wall medicine chest

Posted By on June 8, 2018

BathroomShelfIdeaWe have a disliked old style medicine chest in the Florida condo and after the kitchen project is finished, Brenda and I wouldn’t mind updating the bathroom. We have picked out some floor tile (while looking at kitchen backsplash tiles) and intend to us a credit with IKEA for the new sink and cabinet. (BTW … I’m not a big fan of IKEAs website, customer service and long wait times on the phone … AND be prepared to get transferred around when trying to get information on a long overdue credit back on my credit card — management has much to improve on)

Since I replaced the toilet a few years back, there isn’t much need to replace that so besides new shower doors, fresh caulking, some wallpaper stripping and paint … the floor tile, vanity and mirror are all that is left. (and a failed heatlamp powered vent in the ceiling).

So … perhaps taking some measurements and making a "cleaner look" in the wall shelf might update the bathroom? Worth archiving and thinking about.


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