It would be nice if ElioMotors communicated like Magfast

Posted By on August 2, 2018

I have, and do, support a few crowd funded projects — I’ve placied preorders taking on risk and see it as taking a small scale venture capital risk (without much reward). A couple bigger investments Seymour-mic.300x300.pghave been Elio and MagFast. The latter posts weekly, and relatively personal updates via YouTube video, on how the process is going> Since I supported the previous ThingCharger and saw their first company struggle with growing pains and eventual failure, I feel that I’m part of the family business.

Seymour Segnet shared a little bit of his history (including the failure) and an updated "best guess" timeline for their newest Magfast Charging system project. This is something I wish Elio Motors would be better at doing (below is his long winded, but worthwhile for me since I’ve been onboard since 2013, presentation as to the past and current timeline.)


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