Fees increases ends my Freedompop LTE MiFi endorsement

Posted By on November 27, 2018

This may be the end for Freedompop, the low cost wireless "backup" hotspot service I’ve been using for yearsat least it probably is for me (started with the Photon back in 2010). For the most part their hotspot service wpid-mificropped-2has been a decent value for me while traveling and giving me LTE connectivity to all my devices, but I can no longer endorse or recommend it. The free service of 500MB per month is not really enough data making their $3.99/mo rollover option a better choice. I have also encouraged a few other users to add service which increases the amount of free monthly data added to my account each month (now have a decent reserve that will expire if the rollover option is canceled).

In October, the company implemented a service charge of .98 cents on top of the $3.99 monthly (tolerable), but this month they have upped that to a $2.99 "Administrative Fee. Since most phone plans now offer a data plan addition, it is not as critical to opt for the Freedompop service and definitely not worth paying a higher monthly fee for the same rollover (Virgin Mobile is $10/mo). I inquired with Freedompop’s "weak" customer service department just to be sure before canceling my Freedompop LTE device … or at least switching to their free 500MB per month service. Will probably do that later this month. This is too bad … as I doubt I am alone an question whether Freedompop will survive?

From Freedompop Customer Service:

We understand your concerns and will work towards your satisfaction. Upon account review, I do see that the charge is for:

FreedomPop Data Rollover $3.99

FreedomPop Administrative Fee $2.99

We understand your concern with the recent revision to our terms of service. We have implemented administrative fees to ensure we are in accord with all major carriers. These fees are to recover and help defray costs incurred for increasing customer support services, offset higher payment processing fees, and other expenses related to fraudulent usage monitoring on our networks. It is a monthly fee that is non-refundable and cannot be waived.



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