Tech Friday – Finally fixed the slideshow plugin for WordPress

Posted By on December 7, 2018

SimpleSlideGraphicA couple years ago I added Simple Slideshow Manager to MyDesultoryBlog as a way to include a series of photos in a single post. Having “attempted” different approaches that fail in one OS, Browser or device before the above plugin seemed to work … that is, until it didn’t. Having posted to the forums, trying different fixes and griping about using 3rd party services, the conclusion was that the developer chose not to continue to support the plugin as WordPress evolved — in other words, it no longer worked with updated versions, or in my case the switch to forced https encryption (note your URL above).

After a client mastersliderwanted me to “pick” a slideshow plugin for him, I decided it was time to find another one. I started the conversion process on my blog as a test last week and I’ve opted to use Master Slider … so far so good. All previous embedded slideshow on my blog have been  updated as of today … see “How Hot Was Your Baby Name” from January 2, 2017 — reusing the slideshow as a demo below.

[See reference POST — although MasterSlider is no longer working]


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