You too can restore a cast iron skillet like Jon Peters

Posted By on December 27, 2018

When Brenda and I were first married, we started off cooking with a cast iron skillet. It was “old school” even 36 years ago to be using our old Wagner cast iron (were made in Sidney, Ohio), but there was something great about using those big heavy “somewhat” greasy skillets in our little two bedroom house.  But as new parents, life gets busy, and we opted for simpler non-stick skillets (junky ones actually) for the ease of cleaning and storage.

Fast forward to my son Taylor needing kitchen gear for his apartment and the “retro” guy he has become grew interested in cooking with cast iron. It is great to see him enjoying our old skllets (and I think my mom’s too?) and preferring them over other pans. So here’s a video from one of my favorite woodworking guys, Jon Peters … just in case our old cast iron skillets up needing some refurbishing.


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