Added TimeMachineEditor to iMac after Mojave update & issues

Posted By on December 23, 2018


iMacTempertures181219After my recent issues with my overheating iMac, I’ve become a lot more fastidious about what software I keep running and tax the quad core 3.4 GHz i7 chip. Frankly I still don’t think the relatively light computing demands asked of this aging Mac are all that much, but Apple has sardined in a lot in this tight little package. I continue to monitor temperatures and run my own set of rules on controlling the fan.


Admittedly running Parallels on the iMac with a matching 27” Apple Thunderbolt Monitor is probably asking a lot … especially since it is used primarily for a couple real time browser-based online broker platforms AND a Java-based trading station from yet another vendor. Still, the idle CPU demands are not all that significate during morning start-up, even if they do heat up by the end of the day or when the office gets warm (I still suspect the cooling inside the iMac is not the best … and that the thermal paste between the processing chips and heat sinks degrade over time?)


Back to “fastidious” … I’m now also more focused on my Time Machine back-ups than before, but really don’t want it performing a back-up in the “heat of the day” when I want to keep the CPUs cool and available. So, enter TimeMachineEditor (screenshot at top of post) as a way to prevent back-ups from occurring during the day. So far, so good … you might want to give it a try (it seems to be working with MacOS Mojave).


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