Read between the lines – When will ElioMotors begin production?

Posted By on January 6, 2019

Last year, the chit-chat from Paul Elio was that production of the Elio was scheduled for the end of 2019 … far longer than any reservation holder had anticipated. fbb1-300x200I’ve remained confident and have ignored the doubters … but likely because I’ve put on an artificial blindfold to remain positive – who likes  admitting they have thrown money away?

As we move into 2019 my Elio posts are souring, the retail gasoline price is under $2/gallon and all new cars have improved efficiency. It is seeming less and less likely that the American car buyer  is interested in a quirky 3-wheel economy vehicle; they currently want SUVs, pickup trucks, vehicles with lots of tech and of course the luxury Tesla branded EVs. On the other hand, even if investors were anxiously funding Elio, the once commented “end of 2019” production date is looking questionable (perhaps it always was?). Here’s a quote from a Q & A … hidden at the bottom of a recent ElioMotors blog post (FYI – there are 52 weeks in a year, so read between the lines as to when we’ll see the first production Elio):

Question- What progress is being made now?

At this stage in the project, we are in funding mode. The production date is estimated to be 76 weeks from the timely and successful completion of our current and subsequent fundraising efforts. The timing and availability of the funds can move and we will do everything we can to keep the project moving forward by utilizing each piece of funding received, as we receive it.


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