Shrimp are small, yet regulations and tax incentives can be big

Posted By on January 13, 2019

With incentives, South Dakota and Minnesota compete for tiny trū Shrimp and its promise of indoor shrimp farms.

shrimpbasketA company named trū Shrimp Co. had planned to break ground this spring in Luverne, Minn., on a $330 million to $360 million indoor shrimp farm. It aims to produce 8 million pounds of shrimp a year in stacked ponds that are about 12 inches deep, 12 feet wide and nearly the length of two football fields.

Last week, the company suddenly shifted gears and said it would build what it says will be the first in a string of such facilities in nearby Madison, S.D., citing Minnesota’s tough environmental permitting process.


The Minnesota deal “unraveled in recent weeks after trū Shrimp officials said they couldn’t meet a strict limit on chloride in its discharge water—and the time it would take to resolve issues with its permit was longer than its board could tolerate.”
At least we know why shrimp were working out on treadmills a few years ago. Smile




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