Tech Friday: A virtual assistant showing a little humor

Posted By on January 25, 2019

It won’t be long before virtual assistants end up in our car … question is, which one will it be? (from what I’m seeing as of 2019, it would be Amazon’s Alexa).

Currently Amazon has definitely taken the lead in our home as the affordable Echo Dots are now throughout our house. I … well “we” … use Alexa daily for a variety of simple tasks associated with home automation Alexa2iPhoneSirisuch as controlling the  lights and TV, checking weather and playing music. I find myself saying her name accidentally even when talking to my Apple iPhone (although about all Siri does for me anymore is set a timer). This past week when I mistakenly addressed my phone incorrectly, Siri sarcastically commented, “very funny, Rich” as if realizing Apple, and to a lesser extent Google, have fallen behind in the virtual assistant race. Still, I appreciated the humor, even though I’d rather see a little more effort from into Apple into refining their products and working on the next big thing … whatever that might be. Personally I always thought they would simplify and refine the television … but they seem to have fallen asleep in putting their creative and simplification touch on that $1000 must have product … the window is closing?


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