A rainy March day in Florida beats a rainy March day in Ohio

Posted By on April 2, 2019


After a weekend trip to Encore in Florida, one would think that I would be totally rejuvenated? Unfortunately I’m feel further behind and less rested than when I left?RichCFtPierceSBeach190330 Perhaps it is age or maybe just the long drive, but I’m tired and worn out. On the bright side, it was at least good to get a breath of salty ocean air and feel the warm rays of the sun. Hopefully those rays will soon be returning to Cincinnati and give me a change to clean up the yard and patios after winter (ugh, yearly spring chores).

Thankfully the cold weather for the most part has been left behind and each day of spring going forward is likely to bring new growth and something green. I’m guessing that I’m not alone in looking forward to the warmer spring weather?


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