A wide swath of Western Ohio was hit by storms and tornadoes

Posted By on May 28, 2019

Thankfully the tornado(es) and severe storms that blasted through Indiana and Ohio last night were all to our north. I checked in with my brother Ron in Tipp City NighttimeTornadoWesternOhio190528and he was fine, although his home and my nephew Jaben’s (Huber Heights) were in the path of this nighttime storm.

The photo of a massive tornado (photo left) near Dayton was illuminated by lightning and did significant damage to homes and buildings. Further north not too far from Sidney, the town of Celina was hit and so many trees and debris were scatter on Interstate 75 that snowplows were used to reopen the highway. At least one person was killed with others injured as first responders check in on the damaged homes and sift through damage. Power restoration for the 500,000 people impacted in the Dayton area is said to take days as resources are overwhelmed by the widespread destruction. From the sounds of things, we could see more storms today. (CBSNews YouTube video below)


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