The diver who recreated the “Jaws” movie poster photo (& others)

Posted By on May 29, 2019


JawsMoviePoserIt is summer and what is more “summery” than being out in the sun and going to the beach … and thinking about “JAWS.” Yikes!

Ever since the iconic “we’re going to need a bigger boat” Jaws movie came out in 1975, most people have been both fascinated and fearful of the Great White Shark. Although being attacked by a shark at most beaches in the U.S. is highly unlikely, tracking apps and devices from organization like Ocearch do show just how often these creatures get to our beaches. Personally speaking, if you really need to fear being attacked by a shark (and you really don’t), learn about the aggressive Bull Shark.

Likely the movie solidified our already innate fear, but the continued release of beachgoer stories and photos like the one captured last year by photographer Euan Rannachan keeps the movie and thoughts alive. Here’s a story about how he capture the “Jaws” movie poster photo (below) –  it is an interesting read … with some great photos. 



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