Archiving: Our Corbett Family Thanksgiving photo for 2019

Posted By on December 2, 2019

Thanksgiving dinner with the Corbett, Oostra and Ankrom familes (click for high res)

It is nice to have a few holiday rituals and for us, it is a Thanksgiving family feast with my brother and his family. Brenda, in particular, has now fully taken over the setting of a nice decorative table with all the trimmings (MomC always loved) … and she includes a few of the MomH side touches too (as well as several of her own!) — Thanks for the tradition moms! (and apple pie Claire!)


Besides the great food, we enjoyed our time together. Ron and I “try” to get the families together a couple times each year, but as each family grows, it gets more challenging (Katelyn is due in February and Keira in June).


This year it was also nice to have Taylor’s girlfriend Megan with us … and then again with her parents on Saturday for the Ohio State vs Michigan game football game (there are no bigger fans!)

It was a “particularly” good time since the Buckeye won 56-27 (making it 8 straight) and remain nationally ranked #1.


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