Obit: Cody Estes, a neighbor our kids grew up with dies at age 31

Posted By on February 2, 2020

I cannot imagine the anguish a parent faces when losing a child. ☹️


Our family has known the Estes as neighbors since we moved to Cincinnati. Our kids grew up with their kids. From playing in the neighborhood, to 12+ years of school together.  As my son Taylor said to me when remembering Cody, “he was like an older brother and looked out me in school. It didn’t matter the reason, Cody would stick up for me if kids would pick on me.” My thought, “likely even when Taylor was the instigator.”

I’m not sure of the circumstances behind Cody’s death, but I do know he struggle more in life than his brothers and sister. School was more challenging, his social circle less uplifting and his decisions were questionable by parental standards. They weren’t always the best and “trouble” occasionally followed him around. BUT … even knowing that, I’m hard pressed to come up with someone more respectful and outwardly polite and well-mannered as Cody Estes.

Father, please comfort his family and bring them peace as they face the days ahead. In Jesus name, Amen.


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