Showing an old Mercedes Benz W123 conversion a little love

Posted By on March 4, 2020


One has to admire the ingenuity some go through in taking their love of the classic W123 Mercedes Benz diesel with a love of cheap travel or as the RV and Van camper crowd call it: boondocking. I’ve had daydreams of converting my small utility trailer to a self-contained privative camping trailer, but find it hard to convince my wife to live for 3-months or so in such a way (depressingly, we can’t even figure out how to cruise away from home on a sailboat, although I haven’t given up the dream just yet).

Anyway, I do enjoy seeing a vintage W123 million miler put to good use … although personally would have opted for a 300D Turbodiesel (listen)!


Saw this and thought … “why not add to the W123 post” 😊


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