The “Stay-at-Home” plan for COVID19 will continue for a while

Posted By on March 22, 2020

We are definitely not the only ones praying a little bit more that usual nowadays while listening to those who are trying to help the country and world manage and get through the Coronavirus threat. 220px-Super_8_PosterI reluctantly worry about the elderly and less capable of fending for themselves especially if they have underlying health issue – stay isolated and stay safe. Hopefully their children, neighbors and gig economy delivery services will be able to help them weather this contagious disease.

For now, I’m continuing to keep myself occupied at home with our room painting and bookshelves project … although without regret am moving slowly and allowing myself to get distracted with cleaning and organizing projects (the furnace room was a disorganized mess – well still is, but with less stuff).


Brenda is relatively content streaming something on Netflix or Amazon Prime … which leads me to an interesting movie we watched last night (our evening routine). It is not that I’m recommending Super 8 the movie, but don’t think you can go wrong with a J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg film?

For some background on my movie pick: One of the road-trip vacations we took with the kids when they were younger is a trip around Lake Michigan and hitting Lake Superior as Super8logowell as Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and at that time I had signed up for some kind of “special perk” discount when staying at Super 8 motels … so I semi-planned stops at as many Super 8s as possible … quoining the term SOUP-er 8 vacation and the exaggerated pronunciation (it always invokes a smile).The name along wasn’t the end of the movies calling to us … it also took place in a small Ohio town … and when I hear “train derailment” I automatically though about the small town of Ada, Ohio where Brenda and I went to college since the freight trains regularly ripped through the middle of town at high speeds. Of course the town was fictional … yet one scene in the movie “mapped” the location of the town far closer to our house than I imagined. We both enjoyed pausing the movie to look at the map!


The finally smile on my face had to do with the movie taking place in 1979 … about a week after I posted about working at the Shell gas station in Sidney, Ohio when I was in high school. Of course the ding-ding of the service station bell and rolling gas pump featured in the film added to the movie’s memory triggering appeal.



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