The weekend (weekdays) bookshelves and painting project

Posted By on March 21, 2020

PaitingMusicRoom200320The painting projects continue without a need to rush or complete anything quickly. Finished the ceiling paint, some patching and trim area and “might” paint the first coat of paint that Brenda has picked on Saturday – “Bermuda Sand” (which is more yellow than the pink sand color that comes to mind – see below).

Besides the Music room / Library painting project, I’m continuing my slow progress on the bookshelves. After edge banding and priming, I’ve moved on to pre-painting the first coat of gloss for the shelves before assembly. Hopefully they will stay relatively decent while I flip to paint each side and then fit in place. I know I’ll still be cutting the center section to fit, so suspect some chipping and scratching will occur.




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