Who really wants a plugged tire on their BMW X5 35d?

Posted By on March 14, 2020

A little over a year ago I replaced the run-flat tires on the 2010 BMW X5 35d with a relatively economical set of Vercelli NON-run flat tires. TireNail200310This necessitated adding a temporary spare in my underfloor storage area … but besides price, the ride quality is much better.

Unfortunately this past week nail found its way into my front left tire and thankfully didn’t leave me stranded. It was a slow leak triggering the TPMS sensor (and BMW’s reset on the E70 and probably others takes a long time).  It was an easy home plug since the relatively short nail was right in the center of the tread pattern (below). Hopefully my attempt at plugging these tires will be better than the many failed plugs in my lawn tractors over the years.

So far so good.



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