Ordering from Amazon is getting most frustrating

Posted By on May 17, 2020

The Kubota ZD326s zero-turn mower has had stalling and starting problems this spring.  I’ve finally diagnosed the problem as the electric fuel pump. This small pump is used to deliver fuel from the twin tanks to 26HP diesel 3-cylinder’s injection pump. Along with the pump, there are two fuel filters, one before and one after the electric pump to keep any dirt from damaging the injection pump. I found out that the pump was only running sporadically, which I thought meant that it cycled off once the proper pressure was reach – instead, the pump was actually failing.

A new pump locally was over-priced, so I ended up ordering online. Even though it was a few dollars more from Amazon over other vendors, the Prime delivery option indicated it would arrive quicker, so having it on Saturday (5/16)  would give me a chance to repair over the weekend … as we all know the lawn doesn’t stop growing in the spring.

Unfortunately only the package of 4-fuel filters arrived on Saturday even though the pump was still indicated to be delivered. Then, late in the day, an email notice arrived (below). This is starting to become more the norm than the unusual.


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