Book: “Fortitude” by Dan Crenshaw (thanks, Taylor)

Posted By on May 16, 2020

I commented to Brenda, “We must have done something right?” It was both a statement .. and a half question .. when reflecting on the book our son Taylor read, liked and then bought to give me for my birthday. Fortitude_DanCrenshaw_book200507It was definitely a very thoughtful and appreciated gift.

Representative Dan Crenshaw’s book Fortitude slightly aside (my apology, as it is well worth reading) .. but what was really rewarding was knowing that Taylor continues to appreciate what some are willing to do for our country. There was a time we thought Taylor may be following a military path he always excelled wherever there was discipline. He loved history and has always appreciated military service and veterans … and what it takes to preserve our freedom and secure the principles that built the United States.

But, just as many of “us” do, we grow up influenced by material abundance and often grow up acting entitled. Our political ideologies can easily get mixed up and skewed as we learn and are taught one thing by one group and something different by another (parents, educators, peers, the media, politicians, etc). One ideology leans right and the other left  … and both can seem convincing. Then there’s the confused mix in the middle (can’t we all just get along crowd) picking the social values from the left and the fiscal conservative discipline on the right.  It seems like it is only over time that most of us solidify our “values” and begin to recognize just how fragile and at risk our current freedom really is.

It is frightening to see centuries of bloodshed and gains we have made over oppressive governments as we struggled to achieve more rights for the individual and steadily more equality of opportunity for each person (which is why people have always immigrated to America). Too many Americans nowadays take this freedom for granted or believe that a better outcome can come from by valuing “the collective” more than individual freedom. Political ideology aside,eye900 the latest in coronavirus mask and social-distance monitoring, deep state corruption/political manipulation and naïve leftists, it seems like we are closer than ever to the “Big Brother” kind of surveillance totalitarian form of government than ever before. 

Deep down, like it was for me, I know Taylor struggles with his walk and still forming political views. The current deep divide is not helping. The two of us have plenty of strong debates (all are eventually constructive … at least “in time”) and hopefully our showing respect for each other helps too.  My hope is that he eventually concludes that the values he grew up and that we live by … and tried to instill in our children … will keep him at least in the moderate to conservative lane of political ideology in the short term. While I acknowledge that there is plenty to question and be frustrated with in the Republican party, I get sick and tired of watching Democrats moving further left to the point they are now willing to take away our liberty and individual rights; some don’t even hide the fact that they are willing to gain ground at all costs.

On Joe Biden and Tara Reade sexual abuse allegations:

I don’t want an investigation. I want a coronation of Joe Biden. Would he make a great president? Unlikely. Would he make a good president? Good enough. Would he make a better president than the present occupant? Absolutely. I don’t want justice, whatever that may be. I want a win .. (NYTimes op-ed link)

Martin Tolchin, Former NYT Journalist

I do at time feel like my parents in the 1960’s. They watch the hippie movement and were concerned for the kids they were raising. In that same way, I do the same but recognized that millennials are seeking their own identity … and are heavily pressured by peers. It is very easy to find fault with our capitalist system and money influenced politicians. We are quick to pin blame and demand change (often turning to even more government control – “fix it, help me, stop them, etc”). The push is stronger than it has ever been … yet I hope the next generation eventually recognizes how important individual freedom and liberty is. “Liking” the writings and “fortitude” of Dan Crenshaw is a step in my direction. Let’s find a few more leaders like him that the two of us can agree on! 

Thanks again for the book Taylor … I will enjoy reading it.


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