The climate hardiness guides says “no” to Evergreen Clematis

Posted By on August 16, 2020


After doing a little research on different kinds of Clematis, I thought I had the perfect pick for the rear corner of the pool house garage where I often work outside the back door. Something that stayed green a bit longer in the year like Evergreen Clematis sounded perfect … but thePlant Hardiness Zone Guide had something different to say – we’re too cold.


The idea was to gain a little more privacy during the spring and fall after the tree line loses its leaves .. and as a way to not bother my neighbors with what to them looks like car clutter (those who work on cars, etc know what I mean about pieces and parts while working on projects). Since the Evergreen Clematis likely won’t work in our climate, I’m still looking for something that I can grow or at least add to a trellis-style fence in order to screen the back door and driveway a bit. Thoughts?

EDIT: Look Annalyn … the grass seed you planted and watered last week is growing!



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