Apple iOS 13.7: Opt-in to COVID19 exposure notifications?

Posted By on September 13, 2020

Update_iOS13.7I downloaded and installed the new Apple iOS 13.7 update, but hesitated since I regularly prefer blocking location services information. Both Apple and Google announced the “tracking” in April 2020, but as expected, it was met with reservation.

Most users are naïve to the amount of personal data requested by apps and operation systems on devices, but enough users are hyperaware, especially after the attention being given to TikTok and China regarding online and device privacy. 

.. the OS-powered contact tracing system is designed to inform someone when they may have been in contact with another person later diagnosed with COVID-19, primarily through a complex BLE Beacon protocol. Support for the protocol was first added to iOS in May with the release of iOS 13.5. But at the time, any given state needed to have an app developed by a public health agency that used the API. Now, though, states can simply provide Apple and Google with the necessary information and the auto-generated software framework will take care of the rest.


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