Books: Starting with "Pacific Crucible" by Ian W. Toll

Posted By on September 2, 2020

PacificCrucible-WSJReview200830As a World War II history buff, and someone who has read a few Navy and Merchant Marine stories over the years, I was triggered to start a hefty Ian W. Toll trilogy after reading a book review in the WSJ last weekend of Twilight of the Gods. The 3 volume work starts with Pacific Crucible (2011) covering 1941-1942 as the World War 2 island war begins against the Empire of Japan.

Hopefully by the time I get through this first 600 page book, I’ll be ready for the second and third .. but who knows. The WSJ initial book review in November 2011 by Ronald Spector wasn’t all that positive … but  I’m already appreciated the “Mahan to Pearl Harbor” prologue that Spector didn’t like?

“Readers, moreover, would be well advised to skip the portions of Mr. Toll’s long prologue that deal with the prewar U.S. Navy.”

Of course Spector is/was a George Washington University professor of history and likely has far more knowledge on world Naval history?


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