Busy early voting and ballot drop-off at the Butler County Board of Election office for the Nov 3, 2020 presidential election

Posted By on October 31, 2020


Brenda and I were unsure about our travel and work schedule for in-person voting, so over a month ago I requested absentee ballots. Since we were out of town in October when our ballots arrived, I decided not to tempt fate or the USPS in getting them back to the Butler County Board of Elections. Instead, I decided to drop them off in person (like half the county I think).

The traffic back up with blocked off streets and police directing traffic was shocking. The string of early voters, likely due to voter interest and COVID19 this year, was very long. Perhaps that means the polls for “in-person day-of” voting won’t be too bad? Anyway, I made my way through the long line of cars and people crossing in order to put our ballots in the drop box … and watched person after person taking a photo as they dropped in their ballot.

Of course that gets one thinking .. “do I need to be sure my vote made it to the actual BOE?” Who knows, I’ve heard way too much about vote tampering and people setting fires to the boxes containing ballots. Anyway, as a paranoid voter, I popped onto the “Where is my ballot?” website to double check (Internet technology can be helpful). Whew, received … but not yet counted.



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