Workshop dust control for a basement woodworking shop

Posted By on October 13, 2020

Thrifty or maybe frugal is the word choice that I use, but occasionally “cheapskate” might be a better fit? FilterForJetDustControl201002

I’ve used a 3-speed Jet Tools Air Filtration System to clean the air in my basement woodworking workshop  to reduce the amount of dust. It works reasonable well but suspect a lot of dust still makes it way upstairs.

Two of the maintenance items required for optimum efficiency are the filters. First is the electrostatic disposable particle filter which collects most of the dust followed by the Inner Pocket Filter (not seen in photo) that can be taken out and cleaned. The company also sells a “washable” electrostatic outer filter but at over twice the price is hard to swallow.

For me, it is costly enough to replace the filters in our 3 furnaces, but I do it more often at the request of my wife. She asks me to replace them ever 3 months rather than my 6 month interval … although I’m pretty laxed about it. Lately I’ve noticed that the better grade of hypoallergenic filters I been buying aren’t as dirty, at least to my naked eye, so I’ve repurposed by cutting them down to fit in the Jet AFS-1000B. I’m sure the experts would say that JetElecrostaticFilterthe “reused”  furnace filter is not the same as a $20 stock “electrostatic” filter, but for me they are always plenty caked with dust when I replace them. Eventually I’ll buy a new “proper” filter, but for now, this is an inexpensive way to get double duty out of filters AND encourage me to change the whole house furnace filters sooner. (also in a user’s online test, filter or no filter, shops are still dusty)


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