Books: Finished Operation Vengeance, starting Pacific Crucible

Posted By on October 14, 2020

OperationVengeanceBook_DanHamptonThis past week I finally finished Dan Hampton’s excellent historical World War II book titled “Operation VengeancePacificCrucibleBook_IanWTollabout the operation to kill Isoroku Yamamoto and can finally move on to the book I mentioned in September after reading a WSJ review. Since the “reviewed” book was the third and finally Ian W. Toll’s book in the Pacific Trilogy series, I figured I would start with “Pacific Crucible.”

So far I like the author’s writing style and quickly looked up a few photos, names (Admiral Harold Rainsford “Betty” Stark) and maps for visual purposes … and even reflected and referred to my blog photos from our time at Pearl Harbor. The account of Japanese Zeros so low as to see the uncanopied pilot’s cats-eye goggles brings the 1941 attack at Pearl Harbor a bit more intimate.

JapanesePilotsPearlHarbor1941 JapaneseWW2CatEyeGoggles

Pearl Harbor Anniversary


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