The wire from the TV signal box is now in the basement ceiling

Posted By on January 16, 2021

My wife is great … and her decorating and building taste as to what “looks” nice grows on a person after nearly 40 years of marriage … but I still grumble about some of the decision she makes. One of them was wanting a drywall ceiling rather than something removable when we finished the basement. BasementCeilingPatchCeiling2101009No matter how much I argued for the “Form Follows Function” architectural principle, she vetoed all my attempts to have better access to wires, ductwork and pipes. So … each time I need to wire or fix something, I have to cut yet another hole for my hands and tools in order to make the repair … then have to patch and paint. This January I had atwofer as a dripping drain pipe moistened a spot between the home theater and game room …BasementCeilingPatch4inHoles210111 AND I put the CAT 5 cable into the ceiling for the TV extender box that feeds the new (cough, cough) kitchen TV. It wasn’t easy, but I found my grandfather Bluhm’s homemade, GpaBluhm_FiberglassFishingPolebamboo-like 1960’s cane fishing pole made from nesting fiberglass tubes. It worked great to “fish” a pull wire through the sound-deadening insulation to my 4” hand holes (the first hole was a mistake – it figures).


Anyway, I was able to get the TV signal box mounted out of the way and under the basement staircase in the furnace room and it works great — Brenda’s observation, “what took you so long.” UGH!

EDIT Jan 16, 2021 – Since I finished the drywall mud work during the evening this past week, Saturday was spent painting. Obviously, I’m not doing enough of it since my arms (and body) are sore. 😊


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