Finally, dedicated 220 volt power to a couple workshop tools

Posted By on November 27, 2019

When we remodeled our kitchen in the spring of 2017, I Reusing220VRangedisconnected the 40 amp 220 volt electric range that we originally had in the island, and dropped the capped wires through the floor and ceiling of my basement workshop. My intention was to eventually “drop” a 220 volt line so I would have a dedicated “out of the way” plug for my Delta cabinet sized table saw. After rethinking this over and over on how I wanted this to function, I decided that the far right corner of the extended table was best, Last weekend I dropped a conduit and put the plugs on the end of the table (it should be out of the way for 99% of my cuts).

Finally … the 20+ years of tripping hazard (and chew hazard when our dog was a puppy) and extension cord wire that I constantly had to plug in and unplug is no more. As a bonus, I also used the back side of the plug to put in two 110 volt outlets … one which I use for the Shop Smith which has become both a stand for the new outfeed table and my dedicated bandsaw with its own IKEA light. Perfect!



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