Thoughts on the passing of conservative icon: Rush Limbaugh

Posted By on February 21, 2021

Rush Limbaugh died on Wednesday of this past week. It wasn’t a surprise to those who have followed his health challenges and in particular a stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis a year previous. He continue his radio work up until the end and left a G.O.A.T. legacy RushLimbaugh2019in conservative talk radio that will likely never be challenged. In many ways, he was the trailblazer for conservative political talk radio and education, giving voice and unifying many in middle American who felt their political views were not heard or shared by those regularly spouting their ideology from the east and west coasts.

Many conservatives on political talk platforms, be they on TV, radio, newsletters, podcasts, blogs, etc,  expressed how Rush impacted them and their careers over the past few days …  and although I don’t think of myself as a political activist, Rush Limbaugh made an impact on me and my views too.

You would be forgiven to assume I came of political age during the Ford/Carter presidencies (my high school years), but really I was too young, naïve and disinterested in politics at that point in my life – CharlieRich_packing_VW1977I was probably a late bloomer? HA!  That said, I’m thankful to have had a close high school friend (Charlie “Kamikaze” Matthews) who was political and exposed me to not just liberal politics, but his “radical Marxist views.” What was “good” is that it triggered my critical thinking … and IMHO, conservative views come out on time in that argument when it come to personal freedom, prosperous economics, safety and national security. He was the perfect liberal, since he was non-judgmental of my more conservative “growing pains” … even though I wasn’t really clear or able to defend why I held my views.

In college I thankfully was able to solidify my assumptions with reason and a little help from thinkers and debaters like William F Buckley (we need a revival)and then came Ronald Reagan. Finally, an American leader that stood for something I believed in and wanted for our country; he was someone I could get behind and in his 8 years as president, made the USA WFB_Reagansomething we all took pride in again … it and we were working again in America! Those who didn’t live through those years probably assume it was all just good times due to the outcome … but having lived the challenges, marrying, having children and starting a business at the time, it wasn’t without its challenges.

Rush Limbaugh was part of it for me too. He was a cheerleader for conservative principles and ideals. He extinguished the doubt that might still have lingered in the back of our minds. He educated us with the “words” middle American parents needed to challenge liberals espousing central planning and bigger government. In those days, those on the left were mostly working-class Democrats … lead by RushEIBStudioprogressive thinkers and politicians who fought for better working conditions, better pay and protected jobs … not the hate-America left of today who dictate policy, kill jobs and place nearly every left-leaning cause that can only be accomplished through more government control over those Americans scrapping through the red tape and taxes to take care of their families. For the Democrats that I knew, they were pro-America and hard workers. All they knew was that Democrats fought for the worker and Republicans for the fat cats … but it was changing. The more Democrats relied on government, the less responsibility fell on the people, but they sacrificed freedom, lost jobs and paid higher taxes. Slowly, the two parties changed … and citizens either sided with being reliant on Democrats and Washington DC by voting to feed it (tax, borrow, spend) and therefore make the government even more powerful … or “tried” to restrict government (lower taxes and less spending) and take more responsibility on yourself. Of course it is never that simple … and government grew and spent no matter who we elected.

My point to semi-end this post is that I found the place I politically fit; conservatives better protect freedom, expect the Federal government to protect our nation and they value our rich history and founding principles that protects the Constitutional rights of every citizen. As I tell my son, the U.S. has never been perfect, but even a cursory study of our American history, it is clear we are always improving.  

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. 

 The Preamble

I also do my best not to overly criticize those who hold different politically ideology so as long as they can be respectful of those who see things differently. RL_OughtToBeWe live in a representative democracy that respects the will of the people. We have solid founding principles and can agree with our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Regardless of political ideology, I respect those who’s goal it is to make our union more perfect and debate their points and goals. I’m thankful in America we do not do this through a dictatorship or violence, but by following our laws, vigorous debate and a free and fair vote. In getting back to the post, I’m thankful that the First Amendment gave Rush Limbaugh the freedom to speak loudly for his unwavering conservative values. As @DennisPrager commented, “He did not speak what he thought his audience wanted to hear, he spoke what he believed.”

Rest in Peace, Rush … and thank you.

  Dennis Prager’s thoughts on Rush Limbaugh (mp3) | 2/17/2021


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