Tech Friday: A powerful Copy and Paste app for the Macintosh

Posted By on April 16, 2021

If you use a computer for any length of time (my “go-to” is an aging 2012 Apple iMac), you’ll find yourself cut, copy and pasting things on a regular basis. Security experts do not recommend using the cut/copy feature CopyEmLogofor secure items like user names and passwords, but that doesn’t prevent the habit of using ctrl/cmd-X, C and V keystrokes.

What is even more helpful is to add an app that permits saving regularly pasted items (text, images, etc) or just building a history of copied bits so that you can use previously clipped items. My favorite “powerful” app for doing this is one called Copy’Em available in the MacOS app store for $14.99 (2021). A feature that makes it even better is that clips can be cloud saved (iCloud) and shared with other Macs and iOS devices too.

This past week there was an update, now 2.10 … so far, so good.


UPDATE: I’ve made the personal decision not to use the Sync to iCloud feature (paid premium) feature that shares Copy and Paste items between devices (Mac, iPad and iPhone).


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