Yardwork and getting ready to freshen up our mounds

Posted By on April 17, 2021


It’s that time of year … cleaning up, getting the landscaping mounds ready for new mulch and of course, Brenda has to burn something … decorative grasses go up fast. Let’s hope she doesn’t burn the fence again.

For my part, I’m digging out older stone (what a pain) and prepping to put down some new river rock and mulch.  I usually use Majors which is close by, but they don’t have any rock at the moment so will give Creech’s in Lebanon a try.  Since I no longer have a Bobcat, there will be more hand-hauling work than I want to do by myself, I’m giving my fence painter and a tree trimming guy a call to see if I can hire them? Once done, pool, deck and patio furniture cleaning time. Ugh!

EDIT: After refreshing the river rock in the front beds and adding mulch to the landscaping.


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