Thoughts on better sun protection with a better slim brim hat

Posted By on May 19, 2021

Like a lot of middle-aged Americans from the baby boomer generation (FYI, I”m at the tail end), I’ve spent way too many years unprotected in the sun. Although I haven’t gone out of my way to get that “healthy tan” (cough, cough) SheltaOspreyWindSunhatas we used to say in the old days, I’ve still ended up exposing my skin and eyes to the sun’s radiation. Hopefully, the generations that follow will be smarter about putting on SPF, wearing protective clothing, eye protection and a hat for their head.

The above commentary aside, I have almost always worn a ball cap when outside in the sun, but the older I get the more I think about something with a wider brim like my sailing sun hat. Unfortunately with its wider brim, flat and slightly floppy brim, it doesn’t stay on my head like a cheap lightweight ball cap. So I’m pondering this modified Shelta Osprey sun hat which in addition to my recent after-shave SPF creme (my dermatologist recommended), might be the ideal in-between? It offers enough brim to protect the ears and “maybe” back of the neck, yet is said to stay on the head with a “Winged Vision Visor” even in the wind. Hm … I only wish it were not $70 … but something I’m thinking about before the harsh rays of summer. (see Shelta sun hats)



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